Chagford Community Agriculture is a local food initiative supplying seasonal fruit and vegetables to local residents. This blog is a picture diary of the goings on throughout the year.
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15th June 2013

A sunny Saturday back in June. A last minute open day but nobody came. We ate a lot of cake.


A few photos of the marvelous flowers that are now exploding up at Longfield.

17th January 2013

Dreary January days but lovely colourful veggies. Oh, and more mud... naturally.

6th December 2012

Wet wet wet. Digging trenches, avoiding floods, drinking tea & singing Happy Birthday.

Harvest Festival - 20th October 2012

It turns out I am just awful. & I feel very bad for neglecting this blog. I don't have any good excuses, so I won't make bad ones.

Here's to a fresh start. I promise.

A beautiful evening of lumpy pumpkins, hot soup, fresh bread, bright bonfires & thrilling stories...